Shamkhan Lediev
(the Chechen Republic)

Ibrahim's cakes

A confectionery shop with a coffee shop is the place, located right in the heart of Grozny, where you can find the only male confectioner in the Chechen Republic.
— It's a common thing for us: wives are working, and husbands stay at home. But as for me, it's unacceptable. It's better to make cakes or pies, than to sit idle.

Ibrahim Akhmadov got his first professional experience working as an assistant chef in a five-star hotel. After finishing college, one day Ibrahim saw his colleagues from confectionery shop working. It seemed so interesting for him. So he asked his supervisor to let him change his specialization. The previous experience was very useful for him. At first, as a confectioner's assistant, he was intrusted with some simple tasks: to prepare all the necessary ingredients, to beat the eggs or to make the dough.

— Well, I'm gonna say: it's hard to make perfect biscuit dough. It took me a long time to learn how to «check by sight» the proportions for the ingredients and how to bring them to a perfect consistence. For example: you need to know how much time it takes to beat eggs, so the dough is fine.

Eventually this young man realized: his true calling is confectionery. Opening the business, he spent a lot of time thinking about the name for his confectionery. So, he decided to call it«Ibrahim's cakes». Cause it sounds uncommon. People used to see the sign-boards with inscriptions «Ibrahim's spares», «Ibrahim's shish-kebab», but so far there was no person with such name, who would make cakes. Especially in Grozny.
I don't like to make those famous french «Macaron» cookies. Even now I can't make them. Don't know why. Maybe it's just because I don't like them. To be honest, I hardly ever eat cakes.
I collected money for the documents for my business step by step. During the first days I sold only a few cakes. But people started getting to know about my desserts. So three months later I was able gather all the documents for the opening of an individual enterprise.
First of all, guys bought only the most necessary equipment: a stove, a freezer, a refrigerator showcase, a kneader. Then started looking for a workspace. They chose a place right in the shopping center, where there are always a lot of people. The only negative side was too big rent for the space. The gains from selling cakes and pastries were not enough to cover expenses, so Ibrahim had to borrow from one friend to another. But, nevertheless he didn't give up, always hoping tomorrow will be better, than today.

Two years we worked indefatigably, learning by our own mistakes. And now, by the end of month, we can pay off debts and become profitable.
Now we have a generation of young men who dream of an expensive car, beautiful clothes and their own apartments, but who do not a thing to earn money for all this stuff. But nothing happens on its own. You need to strive, to work. You need to do something. Even rich people one day started with something, from modest beginnings, and many examples can prove it.
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