IVan gorbunov

Bus route

"LIAZ" is an ordinary city bus, that runs the same route from early morning till late night: «Kremlin — Irtyshsky settlement». With every new round it «hears» the new stories, «meets» the people of his city - Tobolsk.
- People are different, - says the driver Andrey Imashev. - Some of them won`t help a disabled person or an old man to come in or out of the bus, wouldn`t let them sit. You never can tell, but our people are nice, friendly, in general.

Andrey followed his father`s steps and joined the dynasty of bus drivers.

When the shift ends, Andrey goes to the garage of Tobolsk road transport enterprise. He knows that his partner Natalia Kurilova is already waiting there for him.

- I`ve got no bus drivers in the family, When I turned 18, I got my driving license, - says Natalia, - it was a twist of fate, I came here for an interview, got in, and became a bus driver. I like the job! The old ladies were worried to see a woman behind the weel at first, they wouldn`t even come in, but they eventually got used to it. Some people don`t even notice the driver. From time to time when I drive my own car I have an impulse to pull over to the bus station. A lot of my colleagues have it, - laughs Natalia.
It`s 23-30. Time for the bus to go home. It`s gonna be examined tomorrow, washed and refueled. Andrey will come here to go on another journey, where his passengers and the bus are the main characters.
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