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Solvychegodsk was founded in the 16th century because of the beginning of salt mining in this region. The name of the town comes from two words — «Salt» and «Vychegda» . Vychegda is the name of the river on which it stands. These photos are the story of a small town with a great past and a quiet present. This is a story about its inhabitants who love their home and see only the best in it.
Salt mining has made Solvychegodsk a rich and prosperous city. The Stroganovs, who made a fabulous fortune on salt, were very religious people. They built a huge number of churches and cathedrals in Solvychegodsk, thanking God for their wealth. Then, gradually, with the decline in the value of salt, the well-being of the city also fell.
At the beginning of the century, there were 13 churches in the city. Only 3 of them have survived to this day. This happened due to the communist period, and the persecution of the church, which was carried out at that time.

Photo: a fresco made by Alexander Nevsky in the Vvedensky Cathedral, which is the only one currently opened.
Sanatorium in Solvychegodsk — it is the place where people are treated with local unique mud. Now it is actually a city-forming enterprise. Most of the industry which arose during the Soviet period, collapsed with the USSR.
Facade of the sanatorium in Solvychegodsk.
The final of the mud therapy procedure. Local mud has a unique composition and different medicinal properties.
Moreover, in Solvychegodsk there is an abnormally high concentration of cultural institutions for such a small (only 2000 residents) town. Apart from that, it has its own music school.

Children walk along one of the streets of the city. Most of them are designed to lead to churches. In the distance you can see the Annunciation Cathedral.
Local polyclinic. According to staff, the painting on the wall was made in 1986 by one of the women in labor. From 1992 to the present, the population of Solvychegodsk has decreased by half.
Oksana and her children. A girl with red hair, Sofia, was born with a heart defect. Her parents took her to Moscow, to the Bakulevsky cardio center, where she underwent an operation, which was paid by the government. It saved her life. Now she is full of strength and energy.
Oksana's husband Alexander in his car and local children in the yard. These people create a real flavor of the town. A peculiar and strange for us life flows in it, in the place where each resident tries to entertain himself as best as he can.

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