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In a time machine

He dreams of creating a series of paintings with KAMAZ racecars and making a trip around the world by his original route: from Greece to Armenia. That's the kind of guy Maxim Buryka lives in Vladimir and he is an artist.
Maxim is the grandson and great-grandson of talented craftsmen Alexander Buryka and Egor Babakov. He took a while to realize that his calling - brush, paint, and canvas. He dreamed of being a professional driver. And he became one! Cars are an integral part of his life. Moreover, the four-wheeled "comrades" are the main characters of most of his paintings.
Maxim Buryka with his artwork
- A painting is a work of art with a complete character. This definition, however, does not fit what I paint. Therefore, I can't say that my creations bear the status of "works of art". They are great sketches rather than small paintings...
Maxim says that he does not do art on a daily basis. Sometimes, it takes him more than six months to find inspiration. He discovered his own "art-shtick" - the things that he paints the most are... retro cars. He even managed to build a collection close to his ancestral home: "Ever since childhood I have felt a strong connection to cars. I also really like enjoy traveling by car, to really explore our country."
I love to immerse in the process all the way. Sometimes, I paint several pieces a month and do not let myself be distracted by anything.
It seems to me that those landscapists, who deal with more fundamental objects, have much easier time creating a painting - a church, a tree, a river are difficult to "move", while my main characters can be removed without any hassle. I try to depict cars that have turned into "real estate", which might also vanish. One of the last paintings I had to leave unfinished precisely because the old car, which had ingrown into the ground, was nicked and dismantled for spare parts!
The retro-car parking of Maxim
The magic is that, while painting, I channel all my thoughts and strength into a piece. The artwork reflects emotional state of the artist. It is his vision of colour, courage and determination of his interpretation. Although there is a very thin line between what I have listed and the mere masquerade. In my paintings, the colour mood matters the most, it catches the eye.
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