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The head of a children artistic group «Rodnichok» (a small spring) Galina Barkasova doesn`t need to be introduced. Everyone knows her here - in Sarpinsky region of Kalmykia.
She is loved dearly for her open character, artistic talent and wonderful songs, that sound on every celebration in the village and beyond. Her songs can be joyful and perky, or a little sad sometimes, but all of them are full of human warmth.
In the past there used to be particular hours during the day when they played songs of soviet composers on the radio. Little Galya loved singing into the hairbrush, imagining herself being a real singer.
– I love Maxim Dunayevsky, Yevgeny Martynov, Tikhon Khrennikov, Aleksandra Pakhmutova. And talking about genres, it would be folk, of course. I like love songs, usually it`s more melodic and calm ones.

When I perform, it feels like at that moment someone remembers his or her first love, someone else thinks of the present. I want it so bad for the people to start treating each other better through listening to these songs, for them to think of how to keep each other safe, how to value their relationships.
When I was at school, i dreamt of learning how to play the guitar. To fulfill this I went to the music school. Well, of course, having a hobby when you`re a kid and turning this hobby into a profession are completely different things. After graduation from public school and music school, I got into Elista art school to become a vocalist. After that I went back to my home village and found a job at Sadovsky House of Culture. The guitar is still my favourite instrument.
– I see kind faces infront of me. I`ve never seen an emotionless face during my performances. I always feel the good vibes from my audience. It feels so good when people listen to you, sing along, look you in the eyes. I`m always nervous before the performances and the support I get from people means a lot to me.
When she became the head of children arstistic group «Rodnichok» at the
House of Culture, she has finally found what she`s been looking for. For many years she`s been bringing all her artistic ideas into life with a group of talented kids, bringing joy by singing the new songs to the audience. Galina has to leave the village to give concerts in another districts and even another republics.
– I`m trying to bring folk songs to our repertoire, cause we need to remember and respect our heritage. But modern songs must also be there. Kids sing the songs of "Volshebniki Dvora", "Open kids", "Neposedi", "Indigo", many songs by Alexander Yermolov. If we only had folk songs, kids wouldn`t be interested.
I am a musician, therefore I am responsible for «shaping» the soul of a young human, their inner worlds. It makes me so happy - seeing the kids` happy faces, their sincere joy, that comes, when they discover the language of music and learn how to "speak it".
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