Author: Anton Sivolnik

GTRK "amur"

The caretaker of the forest

Amur Oblast
Alexander Reshetnik, hunting specialist, checks the territory of a nature park every day. Iverskiy nature reserve is a place where he works. He climbs on a snowmobile and gets to the places where one could hardly walk: to check the feeding troughs; to take a look if the poachers have passed, or to make a census of animals, living in that area.
We headed to this nature reserve to film a short news report about the hunting specialists make a census of the hoofed animals. While shooting the idea to make a separate short-film about Alexander Reshetnik came to me and my cameramen, because we were so impressed by his unfailing love to his work. He has been working in this forest for so long – from his student's times. Neither a small salary, nor the attacks from the poachers could make Alexander leave his work. I am still staying in touch with him, and, actually, planning to meet him again this winter to continue the shootings.
Anton Sivolnik
Author of the report
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