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First surfer of Kamchatka

Everybody thought the idea was crazy, everyone but Anton Morozov. He brought it to life anyway, turning Khalaktyrsky Beach into one of the best surfing places in Russia. Now it is a popular spot for the famous sportsmen from
all over the world.
Anton Morozov comes out to the beach with a huge board. We`re going to «Snowave», a surf camp on Khalaktyrsky beach, that was founded 5 years ago and works ever since. Everything here is a result of Anton`s work, his and his friends`, who are crazy about surfing. This place is his home.
After seeing the Pacific Ocean my life has changed completely. Even when I had no car, I`d come here by taxi, leaving all the work behind. I`ve been really drawn here.

Anton Morozov with the guests of surf-camp
His love to water appeared early in his childhood. The pioneer and ideologist of Kamchatka surf-movement was born 20 km away from Oktyabrsky village. His parents came here to work in 1980. The young family lived in a bunkhouse with no water or heating.

«In God's Hands» (1998), a movie by Zalman King, starring the best surfers of that time, had the crucial influence on Anton. It`s a semi-documentary movie about people, who dedicated their life to the ocean.

– I still remember the feeling I got after watching this movie. As if electrecity went through me. I understood every word, it was so close to me, – Anton realized straight away that it was not just a hobby, it was a big part of his life. It`s biggest part. His relatives thought differently.

We quarrelled with mom about this a lot. But I kept insisting. Now my parents sometimes come to live in the camp with me, help working on it. Mom is happy it happened they it did.
«We`re trying to stay away from turning the work of our life into something commercial. Our ultimate goal is to teach people how to love nature and the ocean»
It wasn`t only the family, friends also were sceptical at the beginning. They`ve had many arguments: waves too small. too cold, winter too long and a lot of other "too". No one could imagine Khalaktyrsky beach would become a place for the best sportsmen from all over the world. But Anton was sure of his plan:
- I read a lot about how surfing was developing in other countries. I realized it was gonna work out even despite the specifics of our case.
Anton is planning to create an official surfing school for children and young people in Kamchatka. His team has everything for it: a well-established camp with all the service lines, professional trainers, boards and equipment.
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