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African volunteer

20-year-old student from Chelyabinsk Kirill Dzhigun has been living in the slums for six months in one of the poorest African countries and saving Kenyan children from hunger, poverty and illness.
Kirill Dzhigun published a post on his page of the social network, that immediately spread among thousands of users. The young man told how he got cancer at the age of 11 and was cured by a very tiring chemotherapy for two years: «I had a cool childhood, but it ended at 11 years old! At 11, I was diagnosed with leukemia (blood cancer). All dreams were crashed. Chemotherapy began! After 36 days of treatment I find out that the it would go on for 2 years more! This is the end».
«I am writing this post to those who are now under IV and their tears flow down the faces because of pain and weakness, — the young man appealed to cancer patients. — I want to tell them that life is such a wonderful thing! This is such a gift of God! You will definitely recover and begin to enjoy life».
Kirill spent the whole two years almost alone. He remembers that not seeing friends, classmates, being in four walls were really unbearable for him. Many of those being in the hospital with him died before his eyes. He wanted only one thing - live. And he prayed daily, asking God for healing.

Kirill recovered and returned to ordinary life. He graduated from high school, entered the sports faculty of the South Ural State University. But he realized that after everything that he had experienced, first of all he wanted to help those who needed it.
Mission «Assistance»
Once, while studying materials on the most difficult countries in the world, I found information about the mission «Assistance», which helped abandoned children in Kenya.

Kirill immediately got into the idea to leave a prosperous life for places with poverty, devastation and sick children. Kirill worked, saved up money for a ticket, did necessary documents for Kenia. The dream came true — in April he ended up in Kenya, on the shores of Lake Victoria.
Harsh conditions
«I try to help everywhere! For me, the task is to be useful. We are located in a slum area, so there are a lot of children. Every day I meet them on the street, they run up to greet, shake hands or hug. They are very fond of white people. "We have our own shelter, I go often there, speak to children or walk with them».

Kirill is used to the African climate, he says, and now he does not like snow. There is no time to miss Russia. To study Africa too - for a volunteer, this is primarily the place where he come to help, so Dzhigun does not pay much attention to local exoticism. Although volunteers live on the shores of Lake Victoria and often meet, for example, hippos.
The place where Kirill and other mission members work is the slum area of Kenya. People here live mainly in rented clay houses without water and electricity. The poverty level is knocking you off your feet: the local 10-12-year-old girls sell themselves for less than a dollar with one purpose - buy a hot meal. Kirill and his team give food to the children 2 times a day, saving them from starvation and the need to seek food.

Most children do not have parents, at best, older brothers and sisters take care of them.
HIV and malaria are also common in slums.
«On many pictures in the social network I'm with always funny six-year-old Lizi with the shining white teeth. This girl is one of our brightest stars. Her story is like that. We were called and said that in a certain place there were children who were abandoned to a sick grandmother, their parents died. Exactly in the middle of the night we went there with a doctor, and very on time: the grandmother was really very sick, and Lizi's brother, four-year-old, had already died. The girl was exhausted. Now the child is cheerful, lives in our shelter».
In the comments under the posts of Dzhigun - words of gratitude and admiration for the young man: «Thank you, brother!», «You are probably the best among us», «There are still good people on Earth». One of the questions that visitors of his page wonder is: why did Kirill choose Africa, and did not stay to help sick children at home?
«I was not born in Russia, but was born in a world with more than 200 countries. I do not divide peoples into friends and foes, — Kirill answers. — The Lord said go to the ends of Earth».
Dzhigun dreams that his visa will be extended, and he will continue to live and work in Africa. He keeps wondering about the life and customs of Kenya, feeling sorry and loving babies. Kirill writes that the children there are the same as in any other corner of the earth: active, funny, love attention, love taking pictures and sweets.
«I am not in another world, it is another world in me. To start creating, you need to change yourself».
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