It is a multimedia project that combines different types and genres of journalism. Our goal is to put together stories of ordinary people's lives.

About the project

Many people in Russia do their work with love and dedication every day. But what do we know about what they do? How many such people live across different time zones of our multinational country?

The #ILiveinRussia movement shows our country from the perspective of people who are always there, but never in the spotlight – hard workers with their simple yet amazing lives. We want our compatriots to learn about each other, communicate and enjoy the sense of national unity, just like we invite all of our foreign guests to get an insight into the lives of real Russian people and the mystery of Russian soul.
Who Lives in Russia?
Journalists, photographers, directors and bloggers tell at this platform about those people, who live nearby: about Russians from 11 time zones of our country. Foreign storytellers join the project as well with their unique outlook on a distant and unknown land. From these long reads we get to know about the everyday work, at-times challenging destinies and unresting optimism of these heroes, about their past and future.
We invite civil or professional journalists living in Russia to take part in our project
Choose a story
Your work should be based on a story of one person, family or working team
Choose a format
- Videos up to 5 minutes long;
- Photo-stories,
- Photo reports;
- Articles (up to 2500 thousand characters + various multimedia elements: photos, videos, infographics etc.)
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