How does it feel - to be a nomad when you live in the land where the temperature reaches -50 C. How long does it take to take down a chum, and where to go if you`re sick? Colourful photos of nenets` authentic life.
A talk by the chum
Two neighbours met to discuss news of the day.
It`s time for dinner
There is no water in tundra. That`s why nenets have to melt the snow to cook dinner
A dangerous turn
The annual female reindeer races sometimes end in falling off the sled.
A nomadic indigenious people of Yamal, the nenets, live in chums in permafrost areas during the whole year. Their whole life depends on a couple of hundred of reindeers and dozens of poles, the supporting elements of chum. Everything from clothes to dwelling is made from fur with great quality, because in winter the temperature can drop to -50 degrees.
  1. The white shaman. When nenets feel sick, they go visit a shaman first, and only if it doesn`t help, they go to the doctor.
  2. Reindeer racing on the Yamal Peninsula.
    Not only men, but women too have to know how to drive the reindeer sleigh.
  3. The portrait of the mistress of chum Ulyana. Nenets women are responsible for running the whole household. They set up and take down the chum in 2 hours when the family is moving to the new place.
  4. The portrait of a reindeer herder Pasha. Pavel is the owner of chum and the head of the family.
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